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3208 Iris Recognition Time & Attendance/Access Control

iris recognition time & attendance/access control


iris recognition algorithm


Iris attendance access control


The system of iris recognition software


BioAT3208 is the first iris recognition time & attendance / access control product launched by Zhuhai Yisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. This product adopts its own unique iris recognition algorithm, which won the 1st place in the 1st ICB2013 iris recognition competition. Iris recognition provides more powerful security in comparison with fingerprint, voice, or face recognition, and iris does not change for a life-time and the recognition speed is very high.

Thisiris recognition time & attendance / access control product can be vastly applied in various areas where ID verification is required at a high level like bank safe attendance control, database centers, control centers, government authorities, police, prison, customs, healthcare, document-keeping and so on.

iris recognition system

Application Areas:

Higher security being at the same level as DNA

High recognition accuracy being 0% in reallife scenario

Fastest recognition having 1s as the quickest time needed

Auto-tilting camera to detect faces of users with different heights

Simultaneous capturing of dual-iris and face

Operable in difficult conditions and with faces wearing dusts or coal powder

Easy and contactless operation

Supporting various hardware interfaces like TCP/IP, Relay, Wiegand


Technical Specifications:

Main Body Dimension


Camera Dimension

L*W*H 126*194*140(mm)







Recognition Mode

Simultaneous contactless dual-iris recognition


4.3inTFT Touch Screen

Recognition Time

<1swithin the recognition range

Iris Image

640*480pixel, 8bit, NIR Image

Iris Recognition Range


Interface Standards

USB, TCP/IP, Wiegand, Relay

Operation Voltage






Distance indication LED

Red: Too Near, Blue: Too Far, Green: Within the range

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