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Intelligent Face RecognitionReal-Time Video Analysis System

Intelligent Face RecognitionReal-time Video Analysis System searches for a particular person in large-scale (thousands to millions) databases (fugitive mugshot DB, missing persons mugshot DB, residents mugshot DB) adopting Easen’s cutting-edge face recognition technology. Without collaboration from the persons under surveillance, the system automatically recognizes and alarms when passing a surveillance point. This system solved large-scale human resource waste and time consumption issues, and supplies useful mechanisms for pre-incident alarming and post-incident investigation of security systems.

System Architecture
face recognition real-time video analysis system

System Function

l Auto-detecting and capturing faces in video stream, and displaying continuous moving tracks

l Real-time comparison between auto-captured face and data registered in watch list, alarming and instructing the operator to do necessary actions the moment an objective person has been found

l Equipment management, User management, Log management



l  Black/White List Surveillance Alarm

l  Face Image: 80*80pixel

l  Face Recognition Rate: >97%

l  Face Detection Rate: >99.95%

l  4-channel 1080p HD IP Camera

l  Fast yet accurate identification in 1s


Application Areas

l Surveillance in important locations like airports, seaports, banks

l Surveillance of particular persons in gathering places like conferences,exhibitions and so on

l Surveillance of people who did various illegal acts in train stations, bus-stops in transportation field

l Surveillance of unwelcomed persons like habitual offenders in markets and shopping malls

l Identifying VIPs or major customers in shops and hotels

Intelligent Face RecognitionReal-time Video Analysis System

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