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AB EntranceGuard System

AB EntranceGuard System is an integrated management system combining door management, surveillance and alarm. Biometrics and computer technology is the core of the system and convenient, reliable and real-time entrance/exit door management is implemented by adding trustworthy door and channel management equipment to this.


System Architecture

AB EntranceGuard System


System Functions

l AB door interlock

l Iris Recognition Unlocking

l Abnormal Video Pop-up Function

l Equipment Management, User Management, Log View



l High reliability by adoptingonly top-security-level iris recognition access control devices

l Strong self-protection, automatic alarming and camera monitoring screen pop-up in abnormal situations, facilitating after-incident investigations by logging time, door number, status and so on

l Supporting general door management functions like two door interlocking, alarming, emergency unlocking, illegal action alarming, real-time monitoring and so on

l Supporting TCP/IP communication, Relay, Wiegand output


Application Areas

Entrance/Exit of restricted areas like banks, prisons, safes, etc.


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