• AB EntranceGuard System

    AB EntranceGuard System is an integrated management system combining door management, surveillance and alarm. Biometrics and computer technology is the core of the system and convenient, reliable and real-time entrance/exit door management is implemented ...more

  • Intelligent Face Recognition Video Playback Analysis System

    Intelligent Face Recognition Video Playback Analysis System carries out identifications based on facial information adopting Easen’s cutting-edge face recognition technology. It compares against the black list being watched under the system through a live...more

  • Intelligent Face RecognitionReal-Time Video Analysis System

    Intelligent Face RecognitionReal-time Video Analysis System searches for a particular person in large-scale (thousands to millions) databases (fugitive mugshot DB, missing persons mugshot DB, residents mugshot DB) adopting Easen’s cutting-edge face recogn...more

  • Face Recognition Visitors Management System

    Easen face recognition visitors management system adopts its own face recognition algorithm and captures face image of IDs via ID scanner or 2nd generation ID reader and visitors’ face image to verify the visitors’ ID by comparing these. By doing so, effi...more

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