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What Is Biometrics, Face Recognition, Iris Recognition


What is biometrics?

Biometrics is a science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data.
 In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics(physiological or behavioral characteristic), such as DNA, fingerprints, vein, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, hand measurements, gait and signature for authentication or any other purpose.


This method of authentication offers several advantages over traditional methods involving ID cards (tokens) or PIN numbers (passwords) for various reasons:
1.A person to be identified is required to be physically present at the point-of-identification.
2.Identification based on biometric techniques obviates the need to remember a password or carry a token therefore there is no danger to forget a password or lose a token.
3.Since it is almost impossible to replicate biometric identifiers such as face, iris pattern and finger vein, biometrics-based authentication provides much more powerful security.

With the increased integration of computers and Internet into our everyday lives, it is necessary to protect sensitive and personal data.
 By replacing PINs (or using biometrics in addition to PINs), biometric techniques can potentially prevent unauthorized access to ATMs, cellular phones, laptops, computer networks, and site.
 Unlike biometric identifiers, PINs or passwords may be forgotten, and credentials like passports and driver’s licenses may be forged, stolen, or lost.
 As a result, biometric systems are being deployed to enhance security and reduce financial fraud.
 Various biometric identifiers are being used for real-time recognition, being the most popular face, iris and fingerprint.


In biometrics-based authentication, there is no need to remember passwords or carry keys or tokens which gives much more convenience compared to the traditional authentication methods.
 In addition, through a variety of sub technologies such as age, gender, and mood estimation, it ensures the various solutions for convenience, entertainment, etc. such as advertisement receiver analysis, makeup, and online shopping.

Our company invested our best technical resources in developing industry-leading technologies such as face recognition, iris recognition, finger vein recognition and facial attributes extraction.

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