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The Application Of Face Recognition In The Security Of City Public Security


Intelligent security with the development of technology has entered a new stage in the 45 plan, applied to more areas. In recent years, due to national security, city security, need the wisdom of the city development, high-tech security industry has been paid more and more attention, and the identity recognition is the core technology of security. In this case, with face recognition will be non contact, convenient and stable, more health, more security, scalability and strong and have a wider application. Difu electronics expert will be with you to share biometric face recognition in urban security, smart city important applications.


After 30 years of reform and opening to the outside world and parts of the rapid economic development, a large number of rural population into cities, the urban population is very dense, high mobility, causing urban transport, public security, such as a series of safety problems. Because of the population intensive and complex in recent years, the network crime occurred frequently, let the criminal crime more subtle and advanced, which increases the difficulty to the case investigation by public security officers. The analysis of face recognition system will solve these problems.


Analysis of the application of face recognition system in the wisdom of the city public safety is mainly concentrated in the complex, strong liquidity situation monitoring. Suspect by all sections of the monitoring video positive picture, and then use the elixir face recognition system for real time analysis of search comparison, computer through the face recognition system on flow portrait compare search out the whereabouts of the suspect, also elixir video face knowledge analysis system with criminal suspects library were compared to confirm the identity of the suspect.


Difu electronics face recognition system for real time analysis and faces in video playback analysis system, compared with bus station, railway stations, airports, ports, places of entertainment, the city's main street in public places and the entrance of the safety management. According to the on-site monitoring to capture photos of the face of black and white list real-time comparison, and the criminal suspect face photo alarm to remind, to capture pictures of cloud storage, and provide intelligent retrieval. Within a short period of time the vast sea of humanity in the search to a person's whereabouts, for police to find, investigation, hunt, and provides unprecedented convenience, greatly shorten the police dispatched search time, reduce labor costs. A combat illegal and criminal activities, the construction of safe city, smart city technology. In the development of biometric technology, face recognition, iris recognition and other biometric technology will be applied to more areas, biometric technology will be more and more attention.

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