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Biometrics Will Toward Multiple Biometric Hybrid Direction


In the Beijing security Expo Zhuhai Yisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. shows the face recognition door lock, iris recognition access control attendance machine, such as. As in the biometrics industry for many years cultivating enterprise, elixir in the abou Beijing will during in addition to show the advanced achievements in the field of face recognition, also launched a special AB access control system solutions.


First to demonstrate the elixir intelligent face recognition visitor system using ECN's unique face recognition algorithm, through document scanner or the second generation ID card, access to documents in the face image, also face images captured the scene and to witness documents according to face alignment, confirm the visitor's identity, do "witness", greatly enhance the inspection of visitors, security of efficiency and accuracy to solve all the security hidden danger exists.


Also in the traditional areas, ECN show intelligent face recognition lock, as the traditional fingerprint and password safety performance is not too high, easy to be stolen copy, and face is can not be copied, we developed this system can judge whether it is reality, using photos and high imitation face were unable to verify, only with real people can recognize to ensure safety recognition and fast. At present, the locked position relative to the more high-end customers, mainly concentrated in the upscale community, the bank and other places of high security.


Future biometrics will go towards various biometric hybrid direction. This is mainly because the traditional single fingerprint recognition in attendance, access control and other areas of application is enough, but in some of the security requirements of the higher places, fingerprint recognition technology is far from enough, so in some high security level are to reduce security risks through a number of hybrid identification. The Zhuhai - brought biological recognition technology to complete the industry, can meet various application demands of customers.



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