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Yisheng To Participate In The Shenzhen International Biometric Exhibition


2015 August Shenzhen International biometric technology development, Zhuhai easen group electronic as biological recognition of cutting-edge enterprises, has for several exhibition, each term of the company are for the industry to bring different surprise, continues to introduce new products. The exhibition elixir will launch the unique high-end biometric series products: intelligent face lock, finger vein door locks, iris and face attendance access control and shoulder burden of the safe city video intelligent face analysis system of biometric products and solutions. Whether it is from the internal structure of the product or the appearance of the effect, by the comprehensive use of cutting-edge technology concepts and innovative approach to design, the perfect person outflow entrance control equipment management and face video analysis system solution scheme will debut in the exhibition. The exhibition will bring you - find everything fresh and new experience.


Current face recognition attendance machine, iris recognition attendance access control system, face and intelligent lock is main products Easen independent development of the, face smart locks series of products using state-of-the-art face recognition algorithm, through the brush face to unlock the intelligent electronic lock products, this product is replacing keys, credit card, password, fingerprint and other traditional lock, series of products to improve the level of security, face recognition door lock series products has become a 2015 biometrics products market force to push the product highlights.


Moment, safe city, smart city is like fire, such as tea in, the security industry also immediately and continuously forward development, intelligence is the development trend for the future development of security industry. With the continuous progress of biological recognition technology, from the previous fingerprint identification step by step change now face recognition, finger vein recognition and iris recognition, recognition accuracy into the a new stage. So far Easen has become the excellent supplier of the scheme in the field of biometric solutions, in the rapid development of information technology today, the Easen undoubtedly is a good opportunity, but also a higher challenge. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperation with you, and create success, a dream shared win-win! 2015 Shenzhen's "global the first biometric exhibition is to show elixir strength, ECN and you invite, common swim biometric technology of ocean.



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