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Zhuhai Yisheng In Guangzhou Building Decoration Exhibition


Zhuhai easen group participated in the seventeenth session of the Guangzhou fair after 4 days of the exhibition, successfully concluded. As intelligent lock industry exhibitors one, my company in the Jian Bo ultimate display the latest intelligent face lock and face lock identification module, such as a variety of products, the ultimate interpretation of face lock and convenient, safety and practicality, for the guests to bring an unprecedented experience feast.


Compared to the traditional door lock intelligent face recognition lock as developed in the last two years, the development of high-tech biological recognition products, in the exhibition by widespread attention, and common key and room card, use a password, face lock in the use of more comfortable and convenient, security is also higher, conform to the trend of the development of today's security. And ECN face lock, regardless of the appearance and technology, unique, especially in power face lock, face lock industry a new breakthrough from the outside is connected with a power supply only eight day dry batteries can be used for more than a year.



Zhuhai YIsheng in Guangzhou Building Decoration Exhibition


face recognition time & attendance / access control



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