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Yisheng Face Lock Will Shine Intelligent Lock Expo


Yisheng Electronics will be in 2015 May 9 to 5 November in 2015, the Fifth China lock industry expo, when the elixir will show the latest research and development of a variety of intelligent face lock, not only provide a live demonstration of product operation to you, more technical experts and your interaction, let you Xpress lock want to experience walking in the forefront of the times and new technology.


EASEN face recognition lock series of products including: face recognition, intelligent lock face + card intelligent lock, finger vein intelligent lock three kinds of door lock products. My company independent research and development of the world's most advanced biometric technology algorithm is adopted for the EASEN face recognition lock core technology, its appearance design ingenuity, combined with the conception of smart city, into the modern fashionable element, not only has double safety security bureau, is a perfect interpretation of modern biological identification technology.


After a comprehensive test and technology improvement, EASEN face recognition technology has comprehensive by twin test, the FRR and error recognition rate is zero probability. In addition, EASEN on door lock device precision and ultra low power, does not need an external power supply, common battery can be used continuously for more than 8 months, but also to prevent video face and forged face; at the same time, in the indoor, outdoor and dark conditions can also normal use. EASEN locks used in a variety of residential, office, hotel business, financial and insurance level requirements of the facility in Gao'an. I believe this exhibition will bring you by, be not of the common sort shocking experience! We will be in the B hall A227-A228 waiting for you!

Yisheng face lock will shine intelligent lock Expo

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