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Yisheng And You Meet Beijing Security Expo


Zhuhai Yi Sheng Electronic Technology Limited company focused on the development of the world's leading biometric products and solutions. With a strong R & D team and EASEN to provide a safe and convenient product concept for human life, all efforts and constant innovation, give you a new biometric experience.


2014 October 28 - 31, EASEN will bring a variety of the latest biometric products and solutions in the 12th China international society public security products fair, then you are welcome to visit booth experience the world's top biometrics series products and solutions.


The first global ICB iris recognition contest champion product -EASEN iris recognition access control attendance machine, through the automatic capture eyes iris and face to accurately verify the identity of high performance sampling equipment, using self-developed Difu electronics embedded iris recognition algorithm, with high knowledge don't rate and safety. EASEN face recognition access control attendance, attendance is, through facial recognition technology of access control. Can control the electromagnetic lock and three party equipment. It uses biological recognition element of face to personal identity authentication, can be safely conveniently for personnel access control management, and log, including time, ID and avatar snapshot, to facilitate the attendance management and greatly improve the accuracy of ordinary attendance system low, such as counterfeiting. Another product of EASEN face recognition is achieved through the intelligent lock fast brush face, convenient unlocking. Have the honor, fast, safe and reliable, low power consumption, high recognition rate etc.


Biometric electronic authentication based on solving scheme, safe smart city solutions is a technology leader in the research field of biological recognition technology in China. EASEN has a number of independent intellectual property rights and core competence of technology and products. With the arrival of the era of big data and information security become people work and life an indispensable part, and application of security products in various fields of society, such as public security, border control, enterprise, bank, government, hospitals, schools and other places, the security work in these plays a important role. EASEN electronic verification solution can meet the requirement of authentication and high security level in many areas of the.


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